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Automate and Optimize Drug Safety Management

 MobiDox Health Technologies, Inc is striving to help pharmaceutical companies and pharmacovigilance organizations process drug safety data.

Our Approach

Pre-market clinical trials evaluate the safety and efficacy of a new drug. Post-market pharmacovigilance activities uncover additional adverse events not seen during clinical trials or those that occur at a higher rate. Identifying additional safety and efficacy data is a requirement of pharmaceutical companies and drug regulatory agencies.

Adverse event case processing is the most labor intensive task of Drug Safety professionals. To help address this issue we are developing a drug safety management platform with an automated workflow solution.

Faster case processing. More compliant regulatory submissions. Stronger safety profile of drug.

Our Solutions

Pharmacovigilance Workflow Automation

We have developed a web based platform to allow drug safety professionals to optimize adverse event case processing. We simplify repetitive tasks by utilizing the latest technologies to automate time consuming tasks.